Aluminum boat repair

by Gary
(Key Largo, FL)

Hi out there.

Got this Starcraft Alum boat cheap, a couple of pinholes in it so I figured try the HTS-2000 rod. It was about $80 bucks for 1 lb.

Read directions, practiced on some 1/8" alum and was looking good. Put the Mapp torch in the boat and all the metal started warping and twisting. Filled the pinholes that were now much bigger and thought all was fine till cool down. Ended up with 2 cracks about 2 inches each you could throw a Cat through. YES i did the wire brush scrub and all. Anybody got a hint why the metal warped and split?? I tried the same twice, cracks in diff places.

I have a Dynasty 200 DX and just hate to light it up on this boat. Metal is saltwater dirty.

I'm thinking a patch (sandwich) 14" x 14" under two ribs with 1/8" of AL 5052, using 3m 5200 and riveting with 3/16" solid al rivets.

Anybody out there with a similar fix???



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