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aluminum gets black and wont pull in the rod

how do i fix the problem of the aluminum getting blackened and when i go to add filler it pushes it away. i just cant seem to get the aluminum to puddle.i have tried different temperatures and different gas settings. i wondered if i had the wrong filler rod? (harris rod #5356) with argon gas. using a lincoln sqaure wave tig 175.


It sounds like you are not getting adequate gas coverage, or not enough cleaning action, or both.

check to ensure your electrode remains silver.
if it is turning blue purple or black after cooling down while holding it still, there is either a leak or bad gas.

without getting the amperage high enough to actually puddle, do you see a frosty area?

if not , there is not enough cleaning action.
if the machine has ac balance, adjust for more cleaning.

check to make sure you are on Alternating current?
if you can email me some pics through the contact us page, i will try to weigh in some more.



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