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Any tips on best way to cap a plate using GMAW?

by Tim
(Decatur, IL.)

I'm alright doing the 1G position, but 2G I seem to lay the beads exactly how they should be in the groove, but when It comes to the cap it gets a little messed up.

Any tips on how to smooth out the cap while being above flush and not higher than 4mil? The employer I have an interview with on Tuesday only does test in 1G and 2G. They rarely do 3G on the production line unless it's a repair. Just trying to impress with a better visual inspection. Any tips would be appreciated, Thank You.


sounds like you may just need to let it cool for a few minutes before the cover pass.

some general tips for a gmaw mig cover pass are...

try to be slightly below flush by about 1 mm before the cover and leave the bottom straight line of the bevel clean so you will have a border to follow.

you first bead of the cover pass should only overlap the bevel by about 1/16" but should be high enough so that when you overlap it with the next bead, it is just exactly as high as you want the cover pass.

take care making the first bead straight and even and the rest will go better

wait a few minutes after every bead otherwise heat will build too much and beads will sag

watch the last pass carefully to tie in to the top of the straight edge of the bevel

use a slight wiggle that resembles cursive e's and hold for a slight count at the top of the e

good luck

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