This Arc Welding Machine Also Tigs, STicks, and Plasma cuts..OMG!

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Not just an Arc Welding Machine...

The Everlast PowerPro 256 is a combo welder.

A 4 in 1 combo welder, multiprocess welder that tig welds steel, aluminum, stick welds and is also a plasma cutter.

Whats so great about that?

For some people, not much. for some people its better to have 3 separate machines.

But for Joe, who is a maintenance tech in a correctional facility in New York, its a pretty big deal.

Joe says that on Friday afternoon about 20 minutes before quitting time, it never fails....He gets a call that something broke up on the 4th floor.

So then he gets an inmate to help him tote his 300 pound Lincoln welder to the 4th floor and then discovers that he needs a plasma cutter too.

Wouldn't it be great for Joe to have a combo welder that tig welds, stick welds, and is also a plasma cutter. A combo welder that can do it all? and do it well...

And what if it weighed less than 100 lbs too?

Wouldnt that be handy?

And what if it could tig weld virtually any metal, Stick weld like a Mo-Fo , and cut metal up to 7/8" thick?

Joe needs an Everlast Combo Welder badly.

I have been fiddling around with this arc welding machine slash tig welder slash plasma cutter for a few weeks now and I am impressed.

Aside from an arc start issue on aluminum that required some help from customer support, This arc welding machine combo unit has performed flawlessly.

Today, I stick welded with it using some 7018 electrodes.

I swapped the plasma torch for a stick welding stinger was off to the races in about 2 minutes.

I was welding some square tubing to a piece of channel iron...a simple task.

When I weld square tubing to a flat surface, I like to back step.

I like to have a tie in on every corner.

After the part is tack welded, I start on one corner and weld the length of the square tubing...then I back up and weld tieing in to where I started. I do this for all 4 sides and it leaves one tie in per corner and looks good.

The reason I like it is because tieing into previous welds lets you melt poor starts and with stick welding, lets face it...poor starts just happen sometimes. Sometimes you stick the rod for a second...

Thats why they call it stick welding ...right?
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