Steve Bleile's Arc Welding Video / DVD 2

A really good Arc Welding Video DVD on Arc/stick welding techniques

I recently bought this Arc Welding DVD along with Arc Welding 1, Mig Welding (GMAW), and Gas Welding.

Most welding videos I have seen in this price range have left me hanging.

Usually the arc shots are just a big starburst of light and are pretty useless.

Not so on these videos. Honestly, I was blown away at the value I got from these 25 dollar welding DVD's.

No BS here.

I can recommend every one of Steve's Welding Videos without hesitation.

They are worth every penny and then some.

I use Hobart training welding videos routinely in classes that I teach and they are close to a thousand dollars for each process. And they are worth it.

I was just not expecting to get the same quality from 25 dollar welding videos. If fact, in a lot of ways Steves Welding videos are BETTER.

Steve Bleiles Welding videos move along a a fast pace. I like that. if you miss something, that's what the rewind button is for right?

Here is a rundown on what Steve covers in the Arc Welding 2 DVD:

*Amperage---amperage ranges for different rods 6010 / 6011, 6013, 7018

*Rod angle—effects rod angle has on penetration and weld buildup

*Travel speed---effects travel speed has on heat buildup and defects

*Arc gap---effects of too much or not enough arc gap

*Basic metallurgy and Grain growth from heat input… Don’t worry, Steve only camps out on this for a minute...and then gets right back to good welding tips.

*Distortion and how to limit it.

*Metal prep and fabrication pointers

*Tips and techniques for running beads with 6010 / 6011, 6013, 7018

*Groove weld tests along with corner , butt, lap, and Tee joints

*Open butt root passes with 6010

*Keyhole root pass uphill

*a Great tip for Repairing holes in root pass

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