argon gas flow seems restricted?

by Peter D
(rhode island)

I have a Lincoln 350mp. I am a self taught welder making stainless sculpture and in serious need of a professional training class. My current issue: What might be blocking the argon flow:
Full tank of argon, 1/32 tungsten clean and pointed, pressure is good. hoses seem fine. was working recently. Initial lift start blows out the tungsten tip and leaves nasty deeply pitted spotted spot. setting amps at 110 for 1/16 304 stainless.


you may need to swap your argon tank.

something is wrong.

if argon is pure, you should not have these issues.

check polarity also.

if you are on the wrong polarity, your electrode will be balling.

it is not uncommon to get a bottle of crappy argon.

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