Argon/Helium mix on SS/carbon

by Chris Bounds
(South Ms)

Hi Jody

I'm going to get me a bottle of 50/50 Ar/Heli
and see how I like it on aluminum, have you welded SS/carbon
with Ar/Heli mix?

You pointed out in your video that the frosty look on eather side of the bead is reduced using a mix, is the cleaning action reduced
with the mix over pure Argon?



I have welded carbon steel with it. It is not really needed on carbon steel unless you have a small inverter 90 amp tig welder.

as far as less cleaning action goes on aluminum,
maybe a little. but mostly due to the fact the helium is lighter than argon and does not provide as wide a blanket of shielding. the cleaning only goes where there is shielding.
you can crank the flow up to widen it, but honestly , the puddle itself actually seems cleaner with the helium argon mix even though the band of frost is narrow,



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