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AUSTRALIAN Tig Questions

by John

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I Bought a TIG P AC/DC 200 Machine 240volts. I sort of worked out your settings.Can you explain your knob settings to my settings for thin alum inum. I use 4043 rods 1.6 2.4 mm with 1.6mm Zirconiated electrodes argon gas. Foot control On 1.6mm checker plate I have trouble starting and burning off the end plate THANKS JOHN



Zirconiated balls up and is hard to use on ends.

I would get some lanth either 1.5 or 2% and taper it a little blunter than for steel.

set the AC balance to where you have about 65% dcen (your manual should tell you where on your ac balance knob does this.)

frequency anywhere from 90-130 should work fine.
i would not worry about pulse if your machine has it.

I think ditching the zirc electrodes and using a taper will help the most.


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