A Welding Positioner is the First Step to Semi Automated Welding - It makes welding fun again

Why get a Welding Positioner? If you are trying to leap into automated welding or at least semi automated welding, a welding positioner is the easiest way to take the plunge.

Sooner or later, you will need to weld a bunch of round parts and you will be thinking..."man there has got to be a better way"

The better way is a welding positioner.

I have had mine for about 10 years now and while I had to swallow hard when I bought it, I have never looked back.

sometimes it sits dormant for weeks at a time but when I have 30 or 40 flanges to weld on some shafts, I am happy to have it.

My first experience with a welding turntable was a homemade turntable using a 10 speed bike and a variable speed drill motor to power it. It was very crude but since I had 100 little round parts to weld, it worked a lot better than welding by hand and rotating in a vise every few inches.

Then I found a GenTec welding positioner and lathe system on Ebay and bit the bullet. It has worked well for me for several years but during that time I have had the opportunity to use 2 other welding positioners also.

The MBC company R2 welding positioner, and the All-Fab Corp PS-1F benchtop welding positioner. All 3 have performed perfectly and the reason I am only writing about these 3 is because I dont have personal experience with others. the mbc r2 welding positioner is made in the usa and is simple. the only controls are a variable speed knob and a forward reverse switch. The Spin lock chuck is awesome. It makes this welding turntable even more efficient.

this is a well made welding positioner with a thru hole design to allow for purging of tubing and pipe as well as welding of long shafts. The crank handle moves the table top from horizontal to vertical quickly and once the desired position is obtained, you can lock it in place easily.

GenTec Welding Lathe positioner for semi automated welding

The cool thing about the GenTec series of welding positioners is all the add on features that are designed to work together.

you can buy the simple benchtop welding positioner and add other features as you need them.

features like...a torch holder with precision adjustments and pneumatic torch retractor, pneumatic operated tailstock, chuck jaw extenders, and the control box is designed to work with a welding power source for fully automated welding if you need it.

All FAb Corp ps-1F welding positoner for semi automated welding

I used one of these for years welding concrete cutting say housings and it never failed.

I must have welded a mile of aluminum bead. I really could have used a ck cold wire feeder back then but I was working by the hour for someone else and he didnt want to buy one. exit automated welding positioner page and see tig welder with ck cold wire feeder

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