AWS Welding Show Highlights - 2009 welding expo in Chicago

Have you ever been to an AWS Welding Show? (American Welding Society Expo)?

I've been to a whole bunch of them.

If you want to eat, breathe, and sleep welding for a few days, this is the way to do it.

"Total Immersion into all things welding" that's how I would describe it.

I love this stuff.

I know most of you are not able to go to the welding show so I thought I would make a video of random clips to give you a little peek behind the curtain. You know.. so you will have a vibe as to what the whole thing is about.

Its about Mig Welding, Flux Core, Tig, Stick, Arc Gouging, welding robots, tables, positioners, laser, electron beam, plasma welding, oxy-fuel, brazing, soldering and a pantload more.

Like I said...All things Welding.

The AWS welding show is actually 2 shows in one and its called FabTech. One side has metal working equipment and the other is Welding...with some overlap.

The show is in Atlanta in 2010 and if you come, wear some comfortable shoes..cause damn!!

So what was new at the 2009 welding show?

Not much really. At least not in the main processes of Tig, Mig, and Stick.

I was expecting to see some demonstrations of the new Tip Tig process that uses automated hot wire feed. But unless I missed it, there was no Tip Tig demo...unlikely that I missed it since I know I walked the show at least 5 times.

A few new products I found interesting were:

*A unique handle for picking up heavy gas cylinders without straining the gonads.

*A coating process for Mig nozzles that spatter wont stick to. Yep you heard right..spatter wont stick to it. Like a dream come true huh?

*An innovative Stainless steel pipe purging system for food service and sanitary piping.

*A welding fume extractor with a motion sensor that follows the arc so that on long runs, the welder can just keep going and still have fumes sucked away.

videos coming soon on these

So how about it? Are you thinking of attending the 2010 welding show in Atlanta?

Maybe we could have a beer and talk welding.

Put in on your calender Nov 2-4, 2010.

See ya there,

good luck welder.
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