Backing Stainless Steel welds

by Bob Pettegrew
(Liberty, Mo. USA)

It seems that whenever I need another bottle of Argon for "back purging" that I have to run across our Plant to get it.

I came across this chemical called, Solar Flux that when mixed with "HEET" fuel cleaner or Acetone it forms a paste and you brush it on where you want to protect the weld. It not only only you to add more heat and faster feed speeds, it will help support your puddle on thinner sheets of Stainless and the backside of the weld will look almost polished. This is the only process I use now. Its can be cleaned off with brushing or mild acid. Great stuff.

Here is link to see it.


Thanks for the tip Bob,

I wonder if Solar flux has made some improvements.

when i used it 20 years ago, i preferred argon.


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