Best 7018 Tip You'll Ever Hear

by Pete
(New York)

Hey guys, I've been stick welding for a couple days now, and the best advise I can give anybody about welding with 7018 is WATCH THE DAMN PUDDLE! So many times I've caught myself doing this as well as guys that come to me and say, "Hey, how do I get sick beads like yours?" Listen, all joking aside, it's that easy. Keep your good eye on that puddle. What you want to see is that filler build up and create a complete fusion of the joint. Dont be in a hurry, let that puddle build and slowly let the rod drag out, almost like it's breaking off as it leans on the material. Remember the tighter you keep that arc the better the fusion in the joint and it looks a hell of alot better. That might mean crankin the amps a couple clicks, big deal. Also keep your hand steady, 7018 don't like to whip in and out unless your running uphill, but that's for another discussion. Listen my way's not always the right way it's just what works for me. Maybe it will help you. Peace.

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