Best fluid for torch coolers

by Erik
(Montreal, Canada)

Coolers for TIG torches need fluid.
What is the best mix?
Importance of distilled water?
Will running with distilled water only ruin the pump because of no lubricants and rust inhibitors?
Can Ethylene Glycol be used with distilled water?
Any good advice is welcome.


There is a bunch of discussion on this.

The best and correct thing is to use Coolant specifically designed for tig coolers that has a low mineral content and therefore low conductivity so that high frequency start current will be more efficient.

That said, they price it like liquid gold.

I have been using RV coolant for about a year now in one of my coolers and it it seems to be working fine and has not gelled or become funky.

Its inexpensive and easily available at stores like autozone or northern tool,

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