Best setting volts wire speed for 0.35 aluminum vertical 3/8 plate

by Kap

I took a pre test for aluminum have pass did good I ve been welding for 14 yrs.

Monday I have open butt 3 postions. Just wanna know some ideas on wire speed and volts on the vertical and horizontal so I,dont have to shit and get with my travel speed


about 23 volts and 400-425 ipm wire speed will get you in the ball park

set the volts and then mess the wire until you get the hum sound with no spatter sound..

be careful not to trim the wire speed down too far or you will burn right back to the tip and will smoke the tip...then you will have to stop and replace the tip.

if this setting is too cold, gradually increase both voltage and wire until its good.

good luck

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