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best tig for the job

by chris
(so cal)

first off, I wanted to say ...great site...appreciate the information....this information is definitely worth something...i'm new here, and have not noticed if there was an option to donate a little to the cause...also I weld 035 aluminum round tubing 6061 pretty much most of a day...what welder would you use that could keep up? Thanks



thanks for the offer to donate, but there is no place to do that. dont worry, I have a day job.

since your application requires more finesse than power, you could use several models.

The Miller Dynasty 200dx has a one amp start, several waveshapes for ac welding, ac frequency adjustment up to 250, and pulse up to 500 pps.

if money were no object, the dynasty 350 is an awesome machine too with the ability to set amplitude..for different amperage on each side of the alternating current.

I like miller, but there are probably a bunch of others out there that are just as good or better.

fronius is supposed to make a pretty awesome machine also.

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