How to Build a Smoker grill that no one will ever forget

If you landed on this page looking for how to build a smoker grill, and you are not a welder, you may want to skip the first video because unless you are a hard core welder, you probably won’t appreciate it anyway.

What do the 3 Stooges have in common with this Smoker grill?

...Women will never be able to understand either one.

Have you ever met a woman who even thought the 3 stooges were funny at all?

ME? I think they were geniuses.

I’ll bet most women would ask the question…”Why would that guy go to all that extra work to build a smoker that looks like a 6 shooter?”

Simple….Because he can.

And make no mistake. Not everyone can.

Most people don’t have the patience to stick with a project like this.

Craftmanship like this deserves to be noticed. That’s why I am taking the time to write about it.

This is American welding , fabrication, and innovation at its finest... Attention to every detail right down to the last screw.

You have to wonder what inspired Trahan’s welding shop to go to the effort to build a bbq smoker that would take about 10 times as long as it would to build an ordinary box smoker.

I wondered for about 2 seconds until I saw the phone number of the welding shop :

Trahan’s Welding Shop…. 940-704-9602

904 is Texas… Ah, it all makes sense now.

I am pretty sure that every Texan baby boy is born with a welding stinger in his hand.

And Texans take their barbecue grills very seriously.

Did you know that Continental Airlines , based in Houston Texas, has a bbq smoker that looks just like a 737 airplane?

I cant pimp the picture, but You can see it here if you are curious.

Continental 737 Smoker Grill

If you think about it, It would be a good idea for any welding shop to make a conversation piece like this.

Can you imagine heads turning while this smoker grill is being towed up and down the highway?

Anyway , I hope this article gives Trahan's Welding Shop some good press. If they can build a Smoker grill like this, their normal welding and fabrication is likely to be top notch.

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