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buying a tig

would appreciate your opinion on which is the better of the two tig welders i'm trying to decide between. I have scoured your site and vids which are very helpful but having not done much tig welding before an experienced persons opinion would be helpful.

ps.I know they are both chinese tigs but it's what i can afford at the moment.

here's how it looks to me:

mitech tig has plasma function also can run from 1-70pps but it doesn't have ac freq control (1yr warranty)

weldsmart tig doesn't have the plasma but does have ac freq control however can only run 0.5-5pps (1.5year warranty)

they both come with all the gear to operate etc only other thing is the weldsmart people seem a bit better with warranty.

here's the specs:

***MITECH***Specifications Ac/Dc Tig-

Input power voltage:AC240V±15%
Input voltage frequency:50Hz
Rate input Power capacitance:4.5KVA
Rate input current:20.7A
Range of output current:20-200A
No-load voltage:56/224V
Rate output voltage:18/100V
Pre-flow time:0-2S
Clean width:20-80%
Slope-down time:0-5S
Pulse width:10-90%
Range of pulse current:20-200A
Range of pulse frequency:1-70Hz
Post-gas time:2-10S
Remote control/Foot:YES-Foot or Trigger
Arc-leading:HF vibration start
Duty cycle:60%
Power factor:0.93
Insulation class:B
Protection class:IP21
Specifications For Plasma Cutter-

Input power voltage:AC240V±15%
Frequency: 50Hz
Rented input power capacity:6.3KVA
Rate input current:28.7A
No-load voltage: 224V
Current range: 20 -50A
Rated output voltage: 100V
Rated duty cycle: 60%
No-load power: 40W
Efficiency: 85%
Power factor: 0.93
Insulation class: B
Protection class: IP21
Arc-starting: high frequency
Air pressure:0.5

Power voltage 1ph AC240V±10%
Frequency (HZ) 50/60
Rated input current (A)
TIG 25
Output current (A) STICK 5-200
TIG 5-200
No-load voltage (V) 61
Rated output voltage (V)
TIG 18
AC duty cycle(%) 20-80
Pulse duty cycle(%) 10-90

Ending time(S) 1-10
Pulse frequency(Low F)Hz 0.5-5.0
Basic value current(A) 5-200
Arc initiation current(A) 5-200
Attenuation time(s) 0-15
Remote control yes
Arc initiation way HF
Frequency(%) 80
Duty cycle(%) 60
Power factor 0.73
Insulation grading F
Protection grading IP21
Weight(kg) 20
Dimensions(mm) 498×328×302
Max. thickness(mm) 10

your help would really be appreciated as i'm getting a bit stuck between these two.

Regards, stuart parker.



are you sure the Mitech unit will run on 60hz power. it is listed as 50hz like in Europe.

its listed as the bottom amperage being 20 amps and that is not low enough for an inverter...at least for me.

The weldsmart unit only pulsing at 5pps is a problem too.

I think you might keep shopping.

I have heard lots of good things about Riland.

I also have an Everlast powertig 250ex that has done quite well for me so far.

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