buying a tig

by stuart

i'm looking to buy an ac/dc inverter tig 200A. only thing is they are all different the two i'm looking at are different in the following way.

#1 has 0.5-5pps and ac freq adjusment 30-200

#2 has 1-70pps and no ac freq adjustment

to put it real simple i haven't done much tig before and want to know which feature i'm going to miss more?i was leaning toward #1 machine but reading your pages got me worried about 5pps is this going to limit my manual welding or just annoy me?

your help is much appreciated.

regards, stuart.

ps.great site thanks for going to the trouble.



yes 5 pps will annoy you. but you dont really need pulse. especially until you get lots of seat time with the welder.

it kind of boils down to how much aluminum you will weld...

if you will be welding steel more than anything, I would get the one that pulses at 70 pps.

and if you will be doing lots of aluminum, the ac frequency will be valuable.



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