by John K. Dunn
(Fresno, Ca.)

Made this headache rack for my 2010 F-150.

The Virgo(artsy-fartsy) in me said that a headache rack should not only serve it's function, but enhance the appearance of one's truck. Materials used were .120 x 1 1/2" round tube, .065 x 5/8" square tube and flat expanded metal. Spent a couple of days on the 'puter in "paint shop" and at the layout table for the design and dimensions.
Not including the "surround", 58 individual hand-cut pieces. Less than one hundred dollars in material and consumables. (Lumber-stops and tie-downs not fit yet).
Layed it out in actual size on my welding table with a sharpie, fit and welded the surround, layed it down flat and shimmed-up all the "field" pieces to center line.

To keep it straight and flat, I welded all the "inside" joints in the vertical position first, then came back and welded all the outside or "face"joints in the flat position.

No clamps or restraints needed. Came out "puss".

Thanks again Jody,

J. Dunn

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