can re qualification of old qualified WPS with its supporting PQR is required

by PS rathore
(Jamnagar INdia)

Can please any one suggest:
Ours is terminal which commissioned 10 years back handling liquid hydro carbons at high pressure.

Piping material is API 5L X60(dia. range 10 t0 12 inch, 900 class equivalent flange rating).

(a) We have old duly qualified WPS with its supporting PQR for welding of these piping(API 5L X60) of construction time(10 years back).

Now we want to do slight alteration/modification in piping layout.(by 10 to 12 new weld joints).

Quantum of job is less,but criticality is high. Is this qualified WPS can be used for this new welding job if we carry out separate new welder qualification on plate by passing radiography not by destructive testing.This welder has been carried out similar job(welding of API 5L X60) in our companies another unit at other location.
(b) If contractor is giving manufacturer batch certificate then electrode qualification(EQT) is mandatory? Type of electrodes has already been selected for this material as per qualified WPS and are of reputed manufacturer.
In this our case ,Is preparation of test coupon and subsequently destructive tests mandatory to requalify already qualified WPS? for welder we will carry out qualification by passing RT.


If the essential variables are not changed, you may be able to use the old pqr.

You may need to hire a qualified CWI to interpret.
I dont have all the details and dont want to step into this without them.

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