Can`t decide syncrowave 250 dx or dynasty 200 dx

by mark polak
(stuart FL. USA)

I`m a self employed marine engineer and I do all types of metal fab on the job and as a hobbiest using my millermatic 251.

I don`t have very much tig experience I like syncrowave because it can weld thicker materiel.

Does the syncrowave have the ability to weld anodized aluminum like the dynasty 200 dx?



The syncrowave will weld it....just not as well as the dynasty or other inverter tig welder would.

it will mostly be skill and finesse that makes the difference on clear anodized aluminum.

There is a lot of buzz on how the inverters weld so much better on anodized but I have seen some pretty good welds done with an old school syncrowave too.

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