Cant start an arc on aluminum

by Angel
(Dallas Texas)

Just purchased a Powerpro 256 and I'm not able to get an arc started in ac both with foot paddle or switch. attached the ground straight to the 1/8" alum panel and nothing. settings are AC freq 100 and 120, AC bal at 65.


I had a similar issue with my 256. It was the high frequency point gap out of whack.

i would recommend calling everlast to get in touch with the tech support person who can walk you thru fixing it.

their are some precautions that you he can go over with you.

mine was a pretty simple fix...i hope yours is too.

it could be something more serious but either way, i would call and email them.

please let me know how this works out.

you can email me thru the contact page on this site .

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