Casting 17-4ph ams 5355 welding to 1018crs with a 41 RC

This question has been lurking in a few buddys and my head for awhile, is it ok to weld crs with a ss rod? From what we seen it works really well but is it correct?

Well with that being said I have a 17-4ph ams 5355 disc with a 1" dia hole punched out in the center. The disc is .625" thick. Welding to this is a shaft thats 1" dia 1018crs with 41 RC minimum treatment.

What would be the correct ansi standard for welding this? From my findings in the ansi standard, I find that a preheat of 225deg F, then welding gmaw using er70s-2 rod with a 5/16" fillet bead weld. Any insight would be of great help.



The standard for welding is whatever you or your engineering authority determine according to drawings, the industry you are in, etc.

In the Aerospace industry, I have seen applications like this with hastelloy W being called out as the filler.

I believe ER309 would work as well

ER309 is used often by motorsports people for welding chromoly as well as cold rolled steel.

It might not be considered correct by some people, but users practical experience means something too.

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