cause of weld defect's in fcaw

by Kirk Ertel
(Cincinnati Ohio)

The trouble I 'm having is what appears to be "worm track's" on the face of the weld it does not look like piping porosity in that in most case's it does not go beyond the surface ? What are the possible cause's


A slight change in voltage or stickout usually will cure it.

sometimes going down only 1/2 volt fixes.

i have found that going to the manufacture web sites data sheet for the filler wire used usually gives some really good settings and tips for troubleshooting.

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Jun 10, 2013
Wagon tracks/Gas holes NEW
by: Steve Long RWI


We have had issues with E71T1-Mx 1.2mm 16mm plate

24.5 volts 220amps approx 3f/3g situ

Tracking badly under the flux,gas marks etc

All we did was increase the WFS only slightly

And the problem disappeared.

Also LPM should be kept at 18.

Any increase will see the venturi effect where

oxygen from atmosphere is drawn into the arc

Adding to the problem.

Weld on!


May 24, 2010
worm tracks/crows feet
by: michel

the condition reported is not necessarily a defect but a visual discontinuity at minimum. my experience with this has been material cleanliness and gas flow in relation to electrode stick out. With any wire feed process the longer the stickout the increase in voltage will occur with a drop in current amplified by an interupted or improper gas flow around the arc. Improper gun angle will also attribute to these conditions [ more noticeable when welding on ceramic backing where you will get pipe porosity ].

May 19, 2010
more stick out.
by: Anonymous

I have found that a little more stick out helps. It should increase amps and help burn it out.

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