This Cheap Auto Darkening Helmet from Northern Tool is a Good One...and Only 50 Bones!

One of our Readers says-----

"Just a quick thank you. I purchased the $50.00 helmet on your recommendation. WOW what a great helmet for the $$.

Welding and metal work is a hobby only. My dad was a welding instructor. I am 58 and an HR Manager but have been working with metal all my life."

I Bought one of these Cheap Auto Darkening Helmets just to See if it was any good.

I have been seeing this cheap auto darkening helmet at Northern Tool's website.

I talk to people all the time who ask me "what is the best auto darkening helmet for the money?"

I can only tell them about the ones I know about. My first auto darkening welding helmet was a Hornell Speedglass. 323 dollars was a lot to spend but 10 years later, it still works great. I also have a huntsman autoview, a hunstman turbo, and a Jackson NexGen. All good. But all of them were expensive.

I decided to buy one of the Northern Cheap auto darkening welding helmets just to see if it was worth a crap.

 The viewing area is pretty good, it is adjustable from 9-13 shade, It has sensitivity and delay settings... All for around 50 bones.

This is not the helmet for you if you weld at really low amperages with an inverter tig machine...low amps and the smooth arc of an inverter might cause problems with this cheap helmet.

But if you weld pretty ordinary stuff with mig, stick, or tig over 10 amps, It will be fine.

The only thing I cant vouch for is how long it will last. I have had this Northern Tool cheap auto darkening welding helmet for a while now. I like it just as well as my huntsman helmets that cost 4 times as much.

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