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clean or replace??

by Steven
(Sorong, Indonesia)

Hi Jody,
always read about tungsten weld contamination but never about alumina nozzle contamination.

Few days ago I looked at my nozzle and suddenly a question came up on my mind, can a nozzle like this contaminate my weld? specially when doing alum weld.
should i replace it or can i just clean it and use it again b'coz it only contain the residue of smoke and spatter.
thanks a lot for your opinion and advice.
I learn so much from this site.


I would definitely replace that thing.

it looks like the residue is so heavy that it would constrict the flow of shielding gas...and it is possible to contaminate the weld as that stuff heats up and possibly dislodges.

You might be able to clean it off but whenever i have tried to do that on one that is that bad, i break or chip the cup.



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