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Clean your window with "NozzleDip"

by Rich

Ok, I don't have more than a few years of welding experience. However,I always try to apply "whatever" is at hand to solve pesky problems (jus' can't help it)
If you don't know, "Nozzle dip" is typically used to clean the inside of a MIG cup or nozzle of the spatter and crap, that collects inside during the welding.
In my dept at work, I have access to about 20 different solvents, cleaners and, just plain soap and water. Not one of them cleared my hood lens without fogging it. Not even Plexi-cleaner.
At welding school we were stick welding sched.80, 6-G. The overhead lights (pain-in -a$$ with an auto-dark hood) were glaring off the smoke dust on my face lens. I carry a little "Noz-Dip" in my tool bag. So, I CAREFULLY smushed a little over the face lens and, CAREFULLY swiped it off with a clean cotton rag. Once all the scratchy stuff was cleared off, I finished it off by continuing to apply clean, dry surface areas of the towel. CAREFULLY, because the dust WILL scratch the lens and make it totally useless.

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