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cleaning up the stainless steel weld

by Dave
(Baldwin, WI. USA)

Howdy. I have the Miller 165 Diversion. I love it, also the inferno auto helmet. No this isn't a testimonial for miller just a little info on my skill level.

So my question is how do I clean up the weld and blend the fused external corners of my project. Project is 1/16th thick ss plates ( 4 ) welded into a sq tube, and I want to pretty it up. Making a lamp shade.

Thanks Dave


Dave, you can get all sorts of finishes depending on what you use. I know a machinist who uses mineral spirits and red scotchbrite on his stainless parts to give a matte finish.

you can also get 3m scotchbrite type pads with rubber pad backing that will remove heat tint and blend sharp edges.

another method is a fine stainless steel cup brush on a drill motor or grinder. But in order to wire brush heat tint completely, you might need to heat the part with a propane torch.

there is a heat range where discoloration is easily wire brushed. Too hot doesnt work and too cold doesnt either.

just warm enough where you cant hold it without gloves is about right.

flapper wheels on a straight grinder work great too. followed by scotchbrite

thanks for the post,


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