Weldmonger Furick Navigator Clear tig cup kit

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8 pro clear cup stickout tig fingger

Weldmonger® TIG Finger® with 8 pro clear cup

Along with the standard ceramic gas lens cups, our new Navigator TIG kits have high quality furick cups,  gas lenses and hardware.

Some practical applications for each cup in the Navigator TIG kits

#4 gas lens cup

#4 gas lens cup wm

A great thing about a number four cup is it only requires 8 to 12 cfh of argon so if you want to do some flash tacking on sheet metal or you want to save some gas on a weekend when you're about to run out.

A #4 cup works great you can prop it right next to the metal with a really short stick out hit that amperage all at once with the foot pedal or torch switch.

#5 gas lens cup

A number five is great for aluminum and a lot of really good TIG welders love a number five...especially for aluminum 1/8" and thinner because it actually limits the amount of cleaning action and focuses that energy into the the arc and puddle and actually can help with penetration.

#6 gas lens cup

6 gas lens cup wm

a number six is a great all around cup for aluminum and is also handy for walking the cup for a pipe root pass or for fillet welds on round parts.

You need different size cups for walking the cup for different Groove angles and different fillet welds but a number six is great for a single pass filet weld walking the cup like this it's it's also a great all-around cup for aluminum and one reason is that you can run just a little bit more flow rate and have a little bit longer stick out for getting in tight spots and seeing the tip of that electrode

7 gas lens cup

 if you need a little bit longer stick out a number seven might help you a number seven gas lens will let you use a pretty long stick out and still maintain really good gas coverage

8 gas lens cup

A #8 gas lens cup is a great cup for stainless steel.

Argon flow rate is anywhere from 16 to 24 cfh which allows for a fairly long stick out.

jazzy 10 ceramic cup

jazzy10 clear cup padding beads carbon

The ceramic Jazzy 10 is a great all around cup especially great for 4130 Chrome moly cluster joints.

The jazzy 10 ceramic is also great for stainless steel tool Steels and doesn't really require any more flow rate than a number eight gas lens because of those secondary diffusers.

another place where the Jazzy 10 really shines is TIG brazing with silicon bronze tig rod.

you need really good clean metal for TIG brazing...but you also really need good gas shielding with TIG brazing with silicon bronze

Furick 12 cup

tig finger and fupa12 clear

sometimes you need just a little bit more shielding and you need to use a little bit longer stick out the furic ceramic 12 does a great job is a great cup for stainless steel with stainless steel

MK14 ceramic cup

The furick mk 14 ceramic is a great choice for stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium, cobalt alloys, tool steels, chromoly, and aerospace superalloys like waspalloy, hastelloys, inconels, and especially precipitation hardening ph grades of stainless like 17-7ph and 15-7ph.

Precipitation hardening alloys often contain a very small addition of aluminum which can make for a sluggish puddle.

The great argon coverage of an MK14 cup helps those sluggish puddles to flow better.

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