Cold Cracking on 304L

by james

I am TIG welding 18g 304L stainless steel(butt weld, argon)with no filler, every time I tack or lay a pass down it cracks back open. A perfect line right down the center!I have tried pre-heat, post heat, welding it as cold as I can..?

I have been doing this for 3 years, same parts all the time and I have never came across this? I put a magnet to the items(thinking its not 304) and there was a small attraction, but since they were rolled it could be from that?

The parts were outside for a couple of hours(winter in edmonton) so I thought they were too cold so I let them warm up....still the same thing!! When I add filler it shows no signs of a crack.

Help please.


that sounds fishy.

304 almost never cracks like that.

how about emailing me thru the contact us form so we can email back and forth quicker.


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