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Continuous feeding TIG filler rod

by Chad Kassem
(Austin, TX)

I can't find any reason for not adding filler rod continuously while TIG welding stainless steel. Everything seems to indicate that this is not a generally accepted practice, but I can't find one example of WHY not to do it. I had just started trying to use this method and find I get much straighter welds. Everything else is the attention to get the right amounts of heat, wire, and weld speed. Why is the "dab" so important? Thanks!
Chad K


feeding continuously is not necessarily wrong.

the benefits to dabbing are that you can see the front of the puddle and make sure the leading edge of the puddle is fusing.

that is the drawback to leaving the rod in the puddle...sometimes you are not sure of penetration on certain kinds of joints and thicknesses.



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