Controlling distortion and/or "racking" on MIGing moderately complex: frames or stands....ex: extra- heavy-duty aquarium stands.. --or- 86"x 54" single frame doors.

by Rich

So far I've been using a great deal of caution at every step with good results. (I may have my own tips to contribute; who knows?)
And..I have plenty of material to use for jigs and props; just about any size clamp I might need. Cutting and grinding are no problem.

However, I always have this tweakin' feeling I'm working too hard and would get (the same, or) better results by simpler methods.

I seem to be doing Ok with tacking and joining- strategies and minimizing heat input but, I don't think I have it down hard yet.

One project;an aquarium stand, (a few years ago) had it's leg 3/8" off the floor; like it was just about to piss on the nearest frustrated welding guy it could find. They sent it out to the site and I never heard any thing about it though.

I may try to send along a picture of a nearly complete H-Duty project next week; after the holiday.

Post questions if I've not given enough info.

Thanks all,

Baltimore Md.

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