copper welding, filler rod match

I do appreciate your ability to teach and enthuse, especially those of us wanting to learn. I have been using O/A for copper and I would like to know how/if TIG (don't tell the Tinman) could provide cleaner welds and what inverter settings I should play around with like AC or DC etc. Can filler material be just thin snips of the same copper to color match?
Any reference material regarding copper; sheet ~24 to 16 ga.


yes filler metal can be strips of sheared material.

helium added to argon or even straight helium will work better than pure argon. 80/20 he/ar will be a good blend.

Usually DC neg is the way to go. but
AC will work too especially if aluminum bronze filler is used.

no pulse is necessary but might help because heat can build up in small parts .
it takes a while to melt but once it does, it melts pretty quick.

it takes a bit of practice to get good.

if you want to try pulse, i would recommend using 50% on time with 50% background, with about 30 pulses per second.

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