Corn Flakes weld puddles

tig welding on mild steel (1018 or similar) . been try'n to get my puddles down nice. Problem i have once in awhile is sometimes the filler puddle after welding looks like cornflakes... wrinkled lines in the puddle itself..
yet i notice some other people welds will have a nice clean puddles (smooth on the puddle itself) ..
ive tried to turn the gas flow up and then down.. and few other things... could i be moving too slow and too much heat?

so whats the trick on a basic tig weld (no pulse) to get the nice shinny like puddles that dont resemble stacked cornflakes ?




its usually a matter of size of shielding gas area vs heat sink.

thinner metals stay hot longer and the argon passes over while the metal is still hot enough to oxidize...oxidation is the corn flake look you talk about.

bigger cup, more heat sink, less amperage, stopping every 1/2" or so, all can help

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