Couple of quick questions

Gday, brand new to tig welding and teaching myself, I have noticed porosity at the end of a lot of my beads. Any suggestions? I have purchased a uni-mig 180 amp DC, HF inverter, I had to sacrifice the aluminium option for my budget. Do you have any experience with this machine or have you heard any feedback about them?


I dont have any experience with that brand.

as far as your porosity issue goes, make sure you are using er70s2 or 3 or 4 or 6 tig wire and not rg45 gas welding wire.

they look the same. but the gas welding wire does not have the ability to scavenge impurities.

also, if you are practicing on mild steel, it could be that it just gets so oxidized that porosity happens.

you may need to stop to let cool more often, and cool the metal in water, and then grind clean before restarting.

best of luck


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