critical points

hello again

you answered my last question "thick metals" and told me if it was a critical weld i should get a bigger machine but other wise there is a technique for welding the joints in question. the only thing here is you are a professional welder so for you a "critical weld" could be a trains axle or a cranes boom. even air planes tail. so the thing is that i am building a single seat go kart, not for racing or off-roading. just for doing donuts in some abandoned parking lot or something. the points on this kart i was talking about would be what connected the wheels. so for a go kart it is critical but by a pro's stand point. sorry about all the writing but would you consider this point on the go kart critical or not? thanks, and once again sorry about me going on and on and...


after reading this, here is my suggestion.

I think the machine you referenced has plenty of power to do the job.

but to give yourself some peace of mind, mock up some joints using some scrap pieces of tubing of the same size and thickness.

weld them up and then put them in a vise and beat the crap out of them trying to break the welds.

you will most likely either have complete confidence or change your procedure.



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