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What is a Crummy Welding Fixture?

What is a Crummy Welding Fixture?

My friend Roy Crumrine was nicknamed “Crummy” growing up and so he named his welding business “Crummy Welding” and is @crummywelding on instagram.

Roy was already a regular contributor to my forum ( but I first met Roy in person at a Sun n Fun event in Florida back around 2011.

I was there to give a talk about tig welding 4130 chromoly on behalf of Miller Electric and Roy and his then fiancé Sarah stopped by the Miller tent to chat for a while.

Roy showed me some pics on his phone of some of the work he had done and I kind of just knew at that moment that he and I would somehow work together someday.

Well here we are years later and Roy and I have collaborated on several tig welding videos and we also record a podcast together along with Jonathan Lewis (superior welding LLC and @superiorwelding on instagram)

Its called the welding tips and tricks podcast. ( you can find it on iTunes, , libsyn, iheartradio, and other common podcast platforms)

Over the years Roy, Jonathan,  and I have all done numerous side hustle jobs.

Most of the stuff I remember welding as a side hustle was small parts for small machine shops where having a small fixture plate to work on would have been a really big help.

This fixture plate is anything but Crummy

So Roy decided to test the market on instagram and see if there was enough interest in an aluminum fixture plate to make a short production run of 20 or so crummy welding fixtures.

Not surprising at all but Roy got a lot of interest and has received orders for quite a few of his crummy fixture plate.I am super glad I ordered one.

This Crummy Welding Fixture Plate is made from 6061 aluminum Size is 14”x16”x.950  so its darn near an inch thick, and has 1/2” x 13 holes for using standard Bridgeport mill type hold down hardware.  I order a simple hold down kit from Amazon for around 58 bucks and that is what I used in this video .

In my opinion, the main benefit in a fixture plate like this to setup fixture for repetitive tasks like tack welding sub assemblies.

In this video I was using am aluminum tubing Christmas tree star kit that I ordered from from precision tube laser to demonstrate the usefulness of modular fixturing in tack welding several sub assemblies.

Having a super flat thick surface made tack welding and holding the finished start a breeze.

And This fixture plate also has slots to keep sharp and used tungsten electrodes.

If you are interested in getting one, you will need to go to instagram and send @crummywelding a DM.

There is a very cool welding community on instagram and I am glad I started using it a few years ago.

And By the way, I am @weldmonger on instagram so if you decide to try it out, give me a follow.

Mike Zanconato Aluminum Bike welding video

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