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New to welding but eager to learn. Have practiced for 1 year with stick, flux core and mig but want to get hands on with tig. Still, main concern is how do I know when to select A/C, DCEN, or DCEP? Haven't got a straight answer and is driving me nuts! Is there any books you recommend?


I will be releasing a digital book pretty soon that covers the down and dirty basics and more.
if you want to be notified when its done, go to the home page and sign up for the weekly video.

meanwhile here is the skinny

dcep reverse polarity is pretty much only used round the tip of the tungsten prior to welding aluminum on ac...its not even really necessary to do that but some people like to round the tip.

dcen straight polarity is for steels, stainless, nickel, and titanium

ac is for aluminum and magnesium and pot metal

there are always exceptions but the above will be true 99 % of the time.

peace out,


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