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cutting using tig is it possable on thin sheets of steel

by roger
(australia churchill vic)

i have heard its possible to plasma cut with tig welder is this possible what is the most likely out come and how would i do this to get clean cut is the tungsten tip angle important for more pin point for direct burn through? or less pointed electrode -----------------------------------------------

yes some limited cutting can be done with a tig is kind of the skinny for cutting thin sheet metal .063" and under

use a 1/8" electrode with a bluntly sharpened tip

set argon flowmeter to max

set amperage to 200-250

use a #3 or 4 tig cup

recess the tungsten about 1/8" below flush with the tip of the tig cup

use a straight edge and drag the torch

This will make a wider kerf than plasma

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