different wire

by Roy Bivens

I was welding with WELD-Matic welding wire by J.W. Harris
(ER70S-6) Size .030" on my Hobart wirefeed,when I ran out. I ran out to Lowes and got Lincoln Superarc L-56 (ER70S-6) Size .030". When I started welding with the shielding gas on, it would not weld, it would just pile up. It was as if the gas was stopping everything. I finally turned the gas off and finished the job without it. But the welds were realy ugly. Did I get the wrong wire. Also I'm using straight argon gas.


Straight argon usually makes the weld pile up.

75/25 ar/co2 is the way to go.

both wires are er70s6 and both weld ok with 75/25

I cant imagine the straight argon every working that well except on very thin sheet steel.

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