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dirty weld mirror when heating aluminum no porosity

by Tyler kibler
(york county PA)

Im a student at york county shool of technology we are having problems with our tig welders.

we have multiple tigs welders set up on several bottles coming out of our gas locker when we weld aluminum as soon as the base metal starts to mirror or heat up there's dirt/oxides on the puddle causing dirty welds but no porosity.

we have checked the lines for leaks and found one that we fixed but it still occurs we have cleaned our tungsten filler rods and base metal very well but it still occurs we have good gas flow and were not sure what to do plz help if you can any tips/knowledge would be useful.
Thank you


its hard to tell from your description. you might have one bottle of contaminated argon that is messing up everything.

is the tungsten silver when you get done?

does your machine have a/c balance controls?

if you will email me the answers to these questions along with some pics, i will try to help.

you can do it thru the contact us page...

contact us

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