Dirty welds

by Dennis Newland
(Perth WA)

I have recently purchsed one of those 4 in 1 Mitec welders $1345
I have the argon and I have seen sites that talk about 20cfh that's about 40LPM its quite high. Others tell me that 12LPM is good, I am not getting good puddles I have bought special cleaning brushes for hand grinding aluminum still no decent puddle I have tried long tips about 5/16" and short tips 2'5mm.

I have a foot pedal but nobs I am concerned about are frequency HZ this only goes to 70hz. Clear width?? is that a chinese mispelling should it read clean width?? Does the castelated sign on the front of the welder really mean pulse mode as apposed to __ mode.

Pulse width would seem to indicate pulse spacing is that correct??

If I do manage to get a bit of a weld going I can't get dimes just lumpy black covered bumps. I tried being more aggressive with the rod and lowering the angle. I have also tried different cups Now using a number 7.

I am a good gas welder and I have tried to change my technique to that of the video but it still doesn't work for me and I still can't get any form of clean weld. Unless I have really got a bad bottle of gas I am lost for answers.

Help Please before the gas runs out. I've already used nearly 5kg of 2.4 ally rods.

Yes I do clean my tips if they dip.
Job is clamped to another piece of flat ally.
Just an after thought is the earth pos or negative??


earth is positive

why not stop using rod until you figure out the problem

try this....light up and hold for a few seconds and keep electrode still while it cools completely. it should be shiny .

if it is blue purple or grey or any color other than shiny metal, the argon is bad or you have a leak.

is the argon running thru a water separator...if so, make sure there is no water in it.

i have not used a chinese combo plasma cutter tig welder but i know you can have any water exposed to the argon in any way.

pulse width is the time the current is high during the pulsing cycle.

if you can email me some pictures thru the private email page, i will try to help more.

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Jun 02, 2010
similar problem
by: Walt Colvin

I replaced the center post orifice with a fine mesh screen on a torch I never had much success with and it made all the difference in performance. I don't know your situation but thought I'd throw it out there. Good luck!

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