Do not know ???

by Brian Tobin
(Weatherly,PA USA)

I am a new at Tig Welding aluminum, need advice on setting welder up a miller using 30 argon 50 helium. Not sure where all the knobs are to be set when trying to weld? Are there any book that might help??


if its an old school transformer machine, here are the basics

alternating current

high frequency set on continuous

contactor set to remote
amperage switch set to remote

set main amperage to a little more than one amp per thousandths of thickness being welded.

if the machine has ac balance, set it to 7

set helium and argon flowmeters to 10 cfh with a #7 cup

use 2% lanthanated, thoriated, or ceriated electrode big enough to handle the amperage
1/16 is ok up to around 85 amps

after that 3/32 up to around 200

over 200 needs a 1/8"

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