Draw on stainless pipe

by Mike Van Houten
(Ankeny, Iowa)

I am mig welding on 2.5 ss pipe scd 10 saddling a 2in nipple.

Question is how to keep it from drawing so much? How to build a jig to keep the 2.5 ss pipe strait?

Any tips or tricks? I'm not trying to put a lot of weld on so is not to over heat the pipe. Sorry new to the page this is not a tig weld question.

you could make a strong back support with a piece of heavy duty wide flange and some Big u bolts.

you will also need to use some shims to preload it directly opposite where the weld goes. you will need to experiment with the shim thickness but if you preload too far and its actually pulled the other way, its easy to pull it back with another weld pass.

the kind of stainless steel pipe weld joint you are talking about draws like a mug without something to pull it straight...but you already know that.

to get an idea of what i am talking about, go to the link below and view the rigid straight pipe welding vise pictured in the upper right side.

rigid pipe welding support

good luck,


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