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Dual Shield Flux Core Welding Basics

In this Weekly Video, I am Demonstrating a few techniques using Dual Shield Flux core Welding.

I am using Boehler E71t-1 .045" (1.1mm) wire.

For flat or horizontal Fillet welds, a drag technique seemed to work best.

But for Vertical uphill fillet welds, I used a  slightly different technique.

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Dual Shield Flux Core Welding using E71t-1 .045" (1.1mm) wire Boehler brand

For flat and horizontal welding, a straight up drag technique with no manipulation worked just fine and produced a decent looking bead with almost no ripple pattern.

You can pretty much use the same exact drag technique for vertical uphill and overhead with dual shield but I experimented with a different technique that I often use on short circuit mig.

I used a technique that makes a series of triangles because it basically just traces the puddle edges.

Whether you go clockwise or counter clockwise does not seem to matter much.

This technique helps provide for excellent penetration into the root of a fillet weld...and also helps to flatten out a vertical uphill weld a bit.

I use this technique...a series of triangles...for uphill welding with short circuit mig, pulse spray mig, and even stick welding.

But again, for dual shield flux core, you dont really have to do any manipulation .

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Settings for E71T-1 dual shield flux core wire

There are several resources you can use to find ball park settings for dual shield flux core welding...

The Chart on the inside of the wire Feed cabinet on the welder

Apps like Miller electrics weld calculator

PDF downloads at sites like

A good ole text book like Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding from

This Book turned out to be the best resource for settings for dual shield flux core welding.

That is because the book actually lists settings for different welding positions.

when I find a great book like this, I like to share the info.

right now, the book is only 30 bones from

If you are outside the USA, sorry but shipping will most likely be way too much to make it worthwhile.

But for USA folks, its a great book at a great price.

A comparable book from the American Welding Society Bookstore would be close to 200 dollars.

Because the James F Lincoln Foundation is a non profit division of Lincoln Electric, the prices are very low.

I think the James F Lincoln Foundation deserves some credit for offering great welding books and great prices so I hope this info helps some folks...especially welding students who will surely benefit from starting their own library of welding books.

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