Dynatorch CNC plasma Cutting System

A Dynatorch CNC plasma cutter makes mailbox parts out of a sheet 16 ga steel.

Dynatorch is one of several makers of CNC plasma cutting systems.

Closed loop brushless servo system at stepper motor prices...

Planetary gear box drives instead of timing belts,

Option to use an oxyfuel torch,

Torch Height Control (THC)...

Features that are essentially the sales pitch for Dynatorch cnc plasma cutting systems.

Dynatorch touts their use of servos instead of stepper motors as one of the reasons they are better than the rest.

They claim that their systems are more durable and more precise than other makers .

Dynatorch claims that Stepper motors are OLD technology and that by using the Intelligent Brushless Servomotors, Dynatorch has been able to eliminate many problems inherent to stepper motor systems.

Torch Height Control (THC) why do you even need it?

The standoff distance in plasma cutting is the gap between the metal being cut and the tip. It is critical to obtaining precision cuts.

Think about cutting 24 ga stainless steel.

When you start the cut it might be pretty flat, but with a little heat it will pucker a bit and all of a sudden your standoff distance varies and your cuts are not as clean or accurate. The laser guided torch height control will help keep the standoff the same from one end of the sheet to another.

The video below shows another use for torch height control.

Dynatorch CNC plasma cutter with THC

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