electrode positive or electrode negative

by Peter
(Queensland, Australia)

Hi Jody, I have bought a Magnum ac/dc tig / mma 200p welder. A couple of questions on the set up.
What is the arc force knob for.
When arc welding should I be on electrode negative or positive. Does this depend on the rods being used.
I will try to upload a pic of my welder

Love your site. Keep the videos going.




stick welding mostly uses DCEP reverse..but electrode negative can be useful for welding sheet metal downhill using a 6011 or 6010

the arc force is also known as arc dig or arc control

basically it provides for a more digging arc or softer arc.

some machines have the knob backwards so you will have to experiment to see if yours digs more on 0 or on 10.

or your manual might tell you but some of those manuals are kind of useless.

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