ever teach someone basics whos never picked up a stinger?

by hatcher

im not sure you want to hear this, but i read this site periodically and apparently youd like my two cents. im a simple production mig welder at a loader factory in kansas so im not sure how informative i would be for anyone possessing any real knowledge. anyway, let me get to my point. ive often thought of teaching a complete welding outsider basics of the trade and ive thought of a lot of things for this. one sounds flat out silly to me, but might be just what someone needs. this is not really a tip, but rather an exercise in familiarizing yourself with how much heat is needed to weld. you know, too cold or too hot. so i thought stick or mig wouldn't matter what you used. make a t- joint out of say quarter inch plate. no specific length needed. once you start your arc, just let your rod or gun sit there on the puddle right in the center of the crack and let it blow through. yes i know its stupid, but just think about it. its someone who has no clue. this exercise, in my opinion, should give the student an undeniable eye opener as to how hot not to weld, how slow your travel speed shouldn't be. it just seems like it would start your brain down the right road to figuring out the basics on your own cuz lets face it. does anyone really teach anyone else how to weld or do they just point them down the right road and let them ultimately get the feel of it for themselves? if this sounds too stupid or silly for you to post its completely understandable.


Interesting idea...

I am always open to new teaching methods.



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