Everlast Power Tig 250EX vs Miller Diversion 165

by Dennis D'Angelo
(Stuttgart Germany)

I am trying to determine what impact running a 60Hz certified tig on 50Hz power input would have on the components and/or welding quality.

I am living in Germany where the electrical power is 230V/50Hz vice the USA standard of 220V/60Hz. The Everlast Power Tig 250EX is certified for 230V/50-60Hz operation; however, the Miller Diversion 165 is a 60Hz machine. Would like to go with the Miller; however, I am concerned with the variance in Hertz input on the Miller...the Miller rep stated it is a 60Hz-only machine. I am guessing the Everlast being an inverter machine can handle the difference where the Miller is a non-inverter and cannot. Do you have any recommendations.

Thanks for the great site.




both are inverters. But if the Miller rep says strictly 60HZ, I would take him at his word.

There are a few things that i do not like about the Everlast powertig 250ex but they are pretty minor.

One thing is for sure, The Powertig 250 ex that I have welds great and has a lot more balls than a Diversion 165.

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