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what kind of experience do u need for chrome-moly welding???


Since most chrome moly welding is done with tig, tig welding is what you need to be experienced in.

Chrome Moly is also referred to as 4130, chromoly, and 4130 steel but its all the same stuff.

It welds a lot like regular carbon steel except it is more crack sensitive and will harden and get brittle if you dont follow good shop practice.

Since most things made from 4130 chromoly are pretty critical ( race car cages and parts, roll bars, bike frames, airplane fuselages, etc) you need to be a fairly experienced tig welder.

here are some basic tips for tig welding 4130 chromoly steel.

1. preheat anything thicker than .120" thick to at least 300f before welding

2. weld a little slower than you normally would

3. dont allow any arc strikes outside the weld

4. use er70s2 filler rod...not 4130 filler rod

5. use a tig welding machine with a remote amperage control to let you taper your amperage off when you stop a weld to avoid a crater crack.

6. never force cool anything and dont weld it outside in cold weather

7. before you weld anything of importance, use some scrap 4130 steel to make a test weld and beat the crap out of it with a big hammer to test the weld for ductility.


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